Rising Stars Testimonials

Hear what Students, Teachers, and Facilitators are saying about the Rising Stars Program


Video Testimonial from a Rising Stars "Bootcamp" in the DC area.

"This program is teaching us to be leaders and to communicate with our school peers as well as adults. These skills will help us to become better leaders in the school and community. This leadership class will give me the skills to assist my underclassmen in their high school activities dealing with pressures." - Derrick N., Rising Stars Participant

 "This Leadership Program has helped me get through many problems and ... control my anger. This program was very educational, there were high expectations, and it made you take a close look at yourself. As for me, there were things that I used to do that I have learned to change ... for example, to never get frustrated with the goals I am trying to achieve and to keep a positive head no matter what." - Tracy T., Rising Stars Participant

 “Thought you would like an education update. I am most likely going to go to Wheeling Jesuit University for College in the fall, I have an internship this summer at a technological WV business school, and I often look back at the goal setting skills I learned from you and the Rising Stars Program. I keep that positive attitude about life, and it all keeps growing for the better.” - Blake W., Former Rising Stars Participant, 1 1/2 years later

 "Rising Stars made me realize that everything I want to do isn't so big and it can be done." - Steve S., Rising Stars Participant

 "To me this class is about morals, values, positive behavior, as well as attitude. I have learned that anything I want to do can be done if I want it bad enough. This class has taught me how to set my goals and how to achieve them. My outlook on life is so much more positive than it was ten weeks ago. I have learned many things from this class but the most important to me is that life is virtuous and should always be valued." - Kelsey M., Rising Stars Participant

"My daughter graduated from the program a year and a half ago and I'm still noticing the positive effects that the program has had on her. Since she went through the Leadership Program, I've watched her grow and mature and become much more responsible. She has set some goals in life and even asked me about my short term and long term goals for my life!" - Patricia C., Parent of a Rising Stars Participant

 "I think Rising Stars was a wonderful foundation for my son, and an awesome opportunity for all the students. I'm a graduate of Dale Carnegie, and this was like a Dale Carnegie for juniors." - Colleen C., Parent of a Rising Stars Participant

 "Rising Stars excited the 25-30 teen center regulars and applications exceeded the available spaces." - Marya T., Teen Center Director

 "We felt the program was a great success and goes a long way toward creating leaders out of all kids: not only the ones who are already recognized as leaders in their schools, but also for those who might be experiencing some disciplinary and educational challenges." - George M., Prevention Coordinator for County Department of Education

"Their reluctance to create a Dream Inventory is understandable ... after all, aren't dreams for those children of privilege whose parents tuck them in at night? These are kids who live in foster care because they’ve been abused, neglected, or rejected by their families. These kids can have a hard time believing that they can make happen what they put down on paper. But by Friday a 14-year-old participant has listed 120 dreams, and she was ready to say, 'Maybe I can make these dreams come true!" - Nathan B., Instructor at a Foster School

"My experience with this program not only for my personal development, but from what I have witnessed in real life with students, have been invaluable. I believe in the success of Rising Stars and the impact that it has on people's lives, and throughout my profession I will continue to be an advocate for the program and utilize the concepts in future activities." - Jennifer J., Student Coordinator for a Scholarship Program

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