Rising Stars FAQ's

“These frequently asked questions are designed to help provide a better understanding of Rising Stars.”


Q: “What is the average age group for the Rising Stars process?”
A: The Rising Stars program is primarily designed to be administered to those between Middle School and College ages (7th through 12th grade).

Q:“Is the success of the process proven?”
A: Rising Stars is a research based process. It is modeled after an adult Leadership Development process which has been used successfully with hundreds of thousands of individuals for more than 26 years. The need for Rising Stars has been supported by the research of Search Institute and its study of: forty developmental assets, experiences, opportunities, and internal capacities essential for health and success in our complex society. Search Institute is an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization located in Minneapolis, Minnesota whose mission is to advance the well being of adolescents and children by generating knowledge and promoting its application. Search Institute and Rising Stars believe if our society would invest more in positive things young people need, then we could expect high yields (in terms of healthier youth) as young people become healthy, contributing members of families, communities, workplaces, and society.

Q:“Can you use the process with one person as well as a group?”
A: Rising Stars may be facilitated in a group as well as with an individual through a coaching relationship.

Q:“Where can we get funding for the program?”
A: Funding is sometimes available through a school district, corporate sponsors, fund raising, parents, or non profit organizations.

Q: “Where can I buy the materials?”
A: The Rising Stars Program is available exclusively from Resource Associates Corporation. Contact us at 1-800-762-6227 and we will have a facilitator in your area contact you.

Q: “How can I get started?"
A: Call us or fill out a contact form on this site and we will find a facilitator in your location and put you in touch to get your program started.

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